Rotenso VRF Systems, very special solutions for professional areas.

VRF Outdoor Units


We provide full design and selection support for investors, designers and installers at every stage of the project. We carry out a comprehensive selection report of  installations and air conditioning tailored to specific assumptions, requirements and needs of the investment.

VRF Rotenso systems are technologically advanced and energy-efficient for heating and cooling of all types of buildings based on the principle of air-to-air reversible heat pumps.


25,2 – 270 kW | 8 – 96 HP

Indoor units: 5 – 100


25,2 – 180 kW | 8 – 64 HP

Indoor units: 5 – 64

Mini VRF V5

10 – 16 kW | 3 – 5 HP

Indoor units: 3 – 9

Mini VRF V4

18,0 – 33,5 kW | 6 – 11 HP

Indoor units: 4 – 19


10 – 22,4 kW | 3 – 8 HP

Indoor units: 4 – 13

VRF Indoor Units


Wherever you require thermal comfort. Whether you are cooling or heating. Where you need precise control and manage the temperature in multiple rooms. Where you need to make the economic sense at the installation and operation. Rotenso VRF air conditioning systems are flexible, energy-efficient and economical solutions for standard systems as well as for individual, often non-standard requirements.


2,2 -7,1 kW


3,6 -16 kW

VRF Tenji CC

2,2 – 4,5 kW

VRF Tenji CS

5,6 – 16 kW

VRF Tenji 1S

2,2 – 7,1 kW

VRF Tenji 2S

4,5 – 8,0 kW


2,2 – 7,1 kW


7,1 – 15,0 kW


7,1 – 56 kW



Rotenso VRF systems are state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems for use where the capacity of standard SPLIT / MULTI / DUAL / GROUP systems is insufficient, or where the specific requirements of the project require individual solutions.

Rotenso VRF systems are known by a wide range of units and a large series of outdoor units with capacities ranging from 10 to 270 kW to provide an efficient cooling, heating and ventilation system.

For buildings with different purposes and specifications, from residential to commercial, multi-storey, compact and historic buildings. The technology and configuration options of Rotenso VRF systems are continuously adapted to trends in the development market.

miniVRF V5 for AHU

10 – 16 kW

miniVRF V4 for AHU

18 – 33,5 kW

VRF V5 for AHU

25,2 – 244 kW


10 – 24,4 kW

VRF indoor units dedicated for historical buildings


The VRF V-STAGE system is designed for buildings in conservation areas or with a difficult location. It is distinguished by a special design of the outdoor unit adapted to be installed in the building. The system allows the connection of up to 13 indoor units and cooperation with air handling units, cooling or heating sections.

HR VRF systems are 3-pipe systems that can efficiently and independently cool and heat different building sections. Refrigerant distribution, which enables independent heating and cooling with a single HR VRF system for different rooms at the same time, is realised by HR Box heat recovery boxes.


10 – 22,4 kW | 3 – 8 HP

Indoor units: 3 – 13

Eurovent Certificate


Eurovent Certita Certification is a world leader in the certification of products in the ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The certificate issued by Eurovent defines and confirms the efficiency parameters of air conditioning devices in accordance with European and international standards.

VRF Systems by Rotenso®VRF V5, Mini VRF V5, Mini VRF V4 have the Eurovent certificate.

The certification logo on our products guarantees that the product purchased by the installer or user has the technical parameters (e.g. power, efficiency, energy consumption, volume), exactly as specified in the product catalog or advertising leaflet. Designers, installation companies, investors and users, choosing VRF Systems by Rotenso® can be sure that all technical data are up-to-date and have been checked by an independent certification company with a global reputation.

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