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Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art ventilation and heat recovery solutions based on highly efficient and energy-saving technologies. Thanks to many years of investment in the development of technology, Rotenso Wentilo ICON units are among the most innovative systems for air exchange and temperature regulation or control in buildings.

Rotenso company consistently strengthens the strong position as a supplier of modern, reliable and environmentally friendly ventilation systems. Every year, Rotenso’s range is expanded with new units featuring increasingly better technological parameters and modern design.

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Whatever we do, you are always the centre of attention. We use technological innovations to ensure the health and comfort of the ventilation systems we supply. A complete process of filtration, purification and treatment of your air make up the iCARE air filtration and purification system, which takes care of fresh, healthy and clean air in your environment.

Inside the state-of-the-art technology platform iNOFRAME of the Wentilo ICON series ventilation unit, we have included a number of innovative systems that translate into an experience of high comfort so that you will not notice the unit’s presence. The ever-increasing capacity and energy efficiency of our units results in a reduction in energy costs, as well as better care for the environment

Effective protection

The innovative antibactrial coatingtakes care of your health.

Temperature comfort

We recover heat by minimising the operating costs of your space.

Surprisingly quiet devices

Enjoy fresh, clean air without noise.

Healthy breathing

The complete system for air filtration and purification.

Higher energy efficiency standard

Aerodynamics, components and design in perfect symbiosis.

Control your unit however and wherever you want

Intuitive control systems.

Puristic design

Minimalist and clean design in every detail.

Air doesn’t have to be dry or wet

We recover or remove moisture all year round.

Ultra low weight and compact dimensions

Convenient installation.

I am simple for you

Easy and economical operation.

Power of technology

Air quality sensors take care of your comfort and energy consumption.

Your MyRotenso family of control options


Discover iEDGE, Wentilo’s innovative heat recovery unit control system. We have developed a revolutionary and unique Al Fuzzy Logic algorithms. Thanks to them, your future control unit selects the operating modes itself and learns to provide you with absolute comfort! Always!

The innovative AI Fuzzy Logic algorithms used in the iEDGE SMART system optimise the energy consumption of your ventilation. The system automatically controls, learns and selects the parameters for ventilation operation and quantity of supply air and exhaust air, regulating the temperature in the rooms. This way you don’t have to worry about the settings of your heat recovery unit. It will select itself as much air as is actually needed in your room.

Save energy with iENERGY technology


The innovative heat exchanger in Rotenso recuperators ensures exceptional energy efficiency. The large surface area and the optimum geometry of the channels that form it guarantee an even air flow and minimise pressure losses. The result is energy savings in ventilation heating, translating into lower costs and a reduction in the carbon footprint, having a salutary effect on the environment.

The energy needed to heat ventilation air is 70% of the energy needed to heat a modern residential building. Heat exchanger efficiencies in excess of 95%, which means an almost unique efficiency when recovering heat. Rotenso’s heat recovery units not only increase the comfort of buildings, but are also excellent for sustainable energy consumption, extremely economical.

iENTHALPY is the solution to the problem of dry air in your home


An enthalpy exchanger aims to recover heat and water vapour (moisture) leaving the building. These are extracted from the exhaust air, and then introduced into the supply, helping to maintain the right temperature and humidity, which is particularly useful in winter. A key element of the solution is a special membrane that transmits moisture well while inhibiting the penetration of contaminants. This translates into year-round control of room humidity without the need for additional equipment.

The benefits of using an enthalpy exchanger have two forms: firstly, we increase efficiency energy of the building and create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, and secondly, we eliminate the need to compromise between air that is too dry and air that is too moist.

Wentilo ICON IC

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