The Rotenso range of Heat Pumps – safe and reliable devices for years.

Split Heat Pumps


Rotenso heat pumps are ready for an efficient operation even at extreme outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C. During the cold winter, they guarantee that supply water for central heating and domestic hot water are heated sufficiently.

Rotenso split heat pump consists of an outdoor unit and a hydronic module, so called hydrobox, for indoor installation. Rotenso Aquami Split heat pump features the highest energy efficiency class A+++. The excellent capacity of the Aquami Split series contributes to low electricity consumption.

Rotenso Airmi Split heat pumps is a brand new series of energy efficient split heat pumps with capacities ranging from 4 to 16 kW. Choose Airmi Series to select the most appropriate condenser colour to match your facade. Powder-coated in white, grey and graphite, the condenser housings feature a modern, simple design. These colours match the current trends in construction industry dominated by simple forms combined with natural materials, such as facade wood, stone stoneware or clinker bricks in natural shades.

Rotenso Heatmi Split heat pump consists of an outdoor unit and a sleek, compact hydronic module (hydrobox) for indoor installation. Compact and stylish, the two-colour indoor unit with a black controller and a vivid display will appeal to the customers looking for solutions suitable for modern interiors. The highest energy efficiency class A+++ combined with excellent capacity at extremely low outdoor temperatures of down to -25°C ensure cost-effective and reliable operation of this ecological heat source. Rotenso Heatmi heat pumps supply central heating systems (including conventional radiators) with water up to 65°C.

The split series has the advantage of easy access to the hydronic module and its connection between the refrigeration circuits of outdoor and indoor units is resistant to freezing even during prolonged power outages.

Aquami Split

4 – 16 kW

Airmi Split

4 – 16 kW

Heatmi Split

4 – 10 kW

Multi Split Heat Pumps


Rotenso Aquami Multi Split is intended for residential and commercial facilities. It is a combination of an air-to-water system with a capacity of 8 kW and air-to-air heat pump system with a capacity of 10 kW. Property owners pay their attention not only to the economic aspects but also to the stylish design of the solution – they prefer a single outdoor unit by the building instead of two.

Up to 4 indoor units, for example: 3 Multi series wall, cassette, console or duct type air conditioners based on the air-to-air system with a total capacity up to 12 kW, can be connected to the Aquami Multi Split system. The advantage of the hybrid solution is the installation and the maintenance of a single system, instead of a separate air conditioning and heating systems. Rotenso Aquami Multi Split meets the requirements of an efficient heating and cooling at the same time.

Aquami Multi

10 kW

All in Split Heat Pumps


Rotenso All-in-one air-to-water heat pumps have been developed in response to market demand for compact units. All in Split solution consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit (hydronic module). All in Split heat pump’s hydronic module has been integrated with the domestic hot water (DHW) tank.

As a whole, the hydrobox and DHW tank are closed in a single housing to form a compact indoor unit which can be integrated in the hallway furniture, placed in a laundry room or in the kitchen along with other household appliances.

The Rotenso Aquami All in Split heat pump is an excellent solution for small residential buildings without a separate boiler room. The highest quality of components and solutions, e.g. corrosion-resistant stainless steel DHW tank, ensures many years of trouble-free operation.

Aquami All in Split

4 – 16 kW

Monoblock Heat Pumps


Rotenso Monoblock heat pumps series are designed to provide an easy access to all its components, while operating parameters can be quickly modified and monitored in real time from the user’s interface. The refrigeration module and the hydronic module are contained in a single, compact housing is designed for an outdoor installation.

Rotenso Aquami Monoblock heat pump features the highest energy efficiency class A+++. COP 5.15 (AQM80X1) –  means that the amount of heating energy this heat pump can produce is more than five times higher than the amount of energy consumed.

Rotenso Aquami Big Mono is a heat pump with a large capacity (22 kW and 30 kW).

Big Mono is designed for buildings with higher heating power demand. Modern double-fan design of the heat pump and its high efficiency even at low temperatures make this unit a perfect choice for heating homes, stores, commercial premises, offices and other facilities with high heating power demand.

Rotenso Airmi Monoblock solutions come in three colour variants (off-white, grey and graphite) and will please the enthusiasts of modern architecture. Rotenso Airmi Monoblock are energy-saving heat pumps: Airmi Monoblock (AIMW/B/G40X1) heat pump features the highest energy efficiency class A+++/ COP 5,25

Rotenso Windmi Monoblock is a brand new series of energy-efficient single or double fan monoblock heat pumps with capacities ranging from 6 to 16 kW. The state-of-the-art design and technology used in the Rotenso Windmi Series solutions ensures high efficiency at low temperatures.

Airmi Monoblock

4 – 16 kW

Aquami Monoblock

4 – 30 kW

Windmi Monoblock

6 – 16 kW

Tanks for Heat Pumps


Discover a wide range of Rotenso tanks  – DHW tanks and the buffer tanks. Rotenso’s DHW tanks are designed for long-term and cost-efficient operation. Intended for the preparation and storage of domestic hot water, they are designed to work with each series of the Rotenso heat pumps.

The DHW tanks  come in two variants regarding the coating type: Crystal Enamel or Stainless steel. Available capacities: 200 | 300 | 400 | 500 L. The inner surface of the Thermos Ceramic tank is made of a steel with anti-corrosion and hygienic enamel coating to ensure tank durability and high water quality. The body of the Thermos Inox tank is made of stainless steel, while ports and coils are made of 316L stainless steel. Hard, dense Polyurethane foam is used as tank insulation.

Inox DHW tanks with a single coil, tanks with a double coil, tanks with a single coil combined with a 90-liter buffer tank in a single housing (Twin Inox). Rotenso Thermos Dual Inox is a domestic hot water tank equipped with a large surface coil designed to work with heat pumps and additional heat source.

Rotenso Thermos Store buffer tanks are used to store excess of the thermal energy generated by the associated heat source. Buffer tank contributes in the efficient and stable operation of the heat pump. It also ensures that stored heating water is used at the right time.

The buffer tank is made of black steel insulated with Polyurethane foam and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Thermos Ceramic

200 | 300 | 400 | 500 L

Thermos Inox

200 | 300 | 400 | 500 L

Thermos Dual Inox

200 | 300 | 400 | 500 L

Thermos Twin Inox

200+90 | 300+90 L

Thermos Store

50 | 100 L

Thermos Store Plus

250 L

Thermos Store Grey

50 | 100 L