Rotenso Teta X

Unique model
matte design


Rotenso Elis Silver

Elegant and fashionable


RVF systems

Commercial temperature
spaces under control



A revolution in air purification
in an elegant form

Air conditioning systems
tailored to Your needs? We recommend
ready-made solutions!

For home

You plan to buy air conditioning for your home,
but you don’t know where to start?
Here you will find basic information.

For an apartment

How does the energy class of the air conditioner
affect electricity consumption?

For business

Split or multi-split? What solution should fit to the surface of your office?

Product categories

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Rotenso. We change together with the world around us.

We provide the most modern

solutions in the air conditioning,

ventilation and heating industry


Thanks to many years of investments in technology development, our devices are among the most innovative solutions enabling regulation and control of temperature in buildings.

Environmental care

We are consistently strengthening the strong position of a supplier of modern, reliable and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems.

Steady development

Every year, we expand our offer with new air conditioning units, which are characterized by increasingly better technological parameters and modern design.

Ecological refrigerant R32

R32M refrigerant does not cause damage
of the ozone layer.

Modern technology

The development of new products  constantly are ensuring
3000 employees and engineers.