Work optimization systems - Rotenso®

1W standby mode

The energy saving function allows you to reduce the consumption in standby mode to 1 W. This allows you to save up to 80% energy compared to previous solutions. In combination with the high energy efficiency class of Rotenso air conditioners, it ensures exceptional energy efficiency and has a positive effect on the reduction of operating costs.
1 W standby mode for models : Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver, Kuka, Imoto, Ukura.

Autorestart memory

In the event of a power failure, the air conditioner remembers the last settings and restarts when power is restored, automatically restoring the previously set settings.
Auto-restart memory is available for all Rotenso® air conditioners.

Anti-corrosive, gold-plated fins

They effectively protect the indoor and outdoor units against the growth of bacteria, improving its efficiency. In addition, a unique, gold coating effectively protects the unit against oxidation and corrosion, which measurably extends the life of the air conditioner.
Gold-plated fins have models : Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver, Firo, Kuka, Elis, Imoto, Ukura and commercial air conditioners: Tenji, Jato, Nevo, Aneru.

Drip tray and compressor crankcase heater

The drip tray heater allows you to quickly remove snow and ice from the outdoor unit, ensuring it runs smoothly during the winter. The crankcase heater prevents the refrigerant from being absorbed by oil in low temperatures and significantly improves compressor lubrication. Heaters should be equipped with air conditioners that will be used for heating (cooling) also during winter.
The drip tray heater and compressor crankcase heater are available in the following models: Mirai. Versu Mirror. Versu Gold. Versu Silver. Kuka. Imoto and commercial air conditioners with the combination of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit Unico Nordic .

Self-diagnosis function

The device monitors the operation of the air conditioner and turns it off in case of failure. An error message appears on the display of the indoor unit (or wired controller) indicating the type of failure. This makes servicing much easier.
The self-diagnosis function is available in all Rotenso® air conditioners.

Emergency start function

In the event of an error one of the sensors, the device can be started in an emergency until authorized service arrives.
The emergency start function is available for all Rotenso® air conditioners.