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Air-conditioner operation volume standards
This issue is often raised by people who want to install an air conditioner in a multi-family building. We will try to present this issue. In the beginning, it is worth noting that when talking about the volume of the air conditioner, you should distinguish the volume of the indoor unit from the outdoor unit.

Indoor unit volume
Indoor units of air conditioners are not burdensome for users. The volume of the indoor unit is largely determined by the volume of the fan. The higher the operating mode, the higher the efficiency of the device, but also a bit louder the fan.

All models of Rotenso® wall air conditioners are comfortable  in use. In addition, they have the super quiet mode eMOTO and the sleep mode. This guarantees the possibility of even quieter operation – the volume of the device is kept at 20-25 dB (a value comparable to a whisper).

Outdoor unit volume
The outdoor unit of the air conditioner cannot emit sound at any volume. That is why you should choose quiet and modern devices (eg Rotenso® brand).

If we live in a busy street, the volume of a modern outdoor unit is unlikely to attract the neighbors’ attention. However, if we live in a quiet area, the constant hum coming from the outdated outdoor unit of the air conditioner can be a nuisance to neighbors.

Building managers usually define how the outdoor and indoor units can be installed, and the acceptable volume level for the air conditioner. Usually, the regulations of cooperatives and communities refer to the Ordinance of June 14, 2007, which stipulates that the volume level emitted by devices may not exceed 55 dB during the day and 45 dB at night. Often, however, these parameters are interpreted on a discretionary basis by building managers or housing associations.

Rotenso - normy głośności

Rotenso® air conditioners meet the applicable standards
All Rotenso® wall air conditioners meet the applicable standards and regulations in this area, in particular:

  • Ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of June 14, 2007 on permissible volume levels in the environment – where permissible volume levels are specified depending on the land type;
  • OJ 2014 item 112 Announcement of the Minister of the Environment of 15 October 2013 on the publication of the uniform text of the Ordinance of the Minister of the Environment on permissible volume levels in the environment;
  • OJ 2012 item 1109 Ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of October 1, 2012 amending the ordinance on permissible volume levels in the environment;
  • PN-87 / B-02151/02 – Building acoustics. Protection against volume in rooms in buildings – where the permissible values of the sound level in rooms intended for human habitation are given;
  • Standard in force pursuant to §326 of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of April 12, 2002 on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location;
  • OJ 75, item. 690, as amended – consolidated text, Journal of Laws No. 2015, item 1422 and the amendment of November 14, 2017, Journal of Laws No. 2018 item 2285 together with the list of Polish Standards referred to in the regulation.

So they can be installed in any type of construction in the European Union.

Volume control
It is worth knowing that in the event of complaints about too noisy operation of the air conditioner, the State Sanitary Inspection is the unit authorized to perform volume measurements in rooms. When measuring the air-conditioning volume level, the State Sanitary Inspection will check whether the room inhabited by the people complaining about volume has not exceeded the permissible sound intensity levels, i.e. 40 dB during the day and 30 dB at night. This measurement should be made with the windows closed, eliminating other sources of volume.

Materials to download
Data sheets of individual models of Rotenso® air conditioners can be found in the section: Files to download
The declaration of compliance with standards (including volume standards) by Rotenso® air conditioners in the European Union can be downloaded by clicking below:

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