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The heat in the apartment.
If you feel hot in your apartment, you should think about installing an air conditioner. Especially when we have a flat with windows facing south or west, summer heat can be particularly bothersome. More and more people decide to install an air conditioner in a block of flats to enjoy the benefits of coolness in their apartment.

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Consent for assembly
Each wall-mounted air conditioner (so-called split) consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain approval from the cooperative, community, or building owner before purchasing and outdoor air conditioner unit installation. There are currently no regulations in Poland that explicitly specify this issue, therefore the decision-making in this matter lies solely with the administrators or managers of the building. Know that the roof, facade, and sometimes even a balcony are the so-called common parts and interference in their structure is possible only after obtaining consent.

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The first step should be to submit an appropriate application to the administration to legalize the installation of the air conditioner. Usually it is acceptable to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner on the balcony. Some cooperatives and communities set no restrictions, others allow installation only on the balcony floor. Some of these institutions have appropriate application forms with a description of the required technical parameters of the device.

The technical details of the assembly of the unit depend on the specific guidelines in the regulations of the institution. They may relate to issues such as the allowable capacity of the air conditioner or the method of condensate drainage. It is also important that the device is equipped with a silent operation option or a sleep mode. In the Rotenso® range of air conditioners, this function is provided to all models of wall air conditioners: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Silver, Versu Gold, Firo, Kuka, Elis, Imoto, Ukura and Roni.

If the application is approved, you can start  selecting a company that has the permissions required by law to install and purchase an air conditioner.

In case of refusal, the only option is to buy a portable air conditioner. It is a compact device which, apart from being connected to electricity, requires the possibility of leading warm air from the air conditioner, e.g. through a special sleeve mounted on a tilted window or balcony door. Rotenso® offers three models of great portable air conditioners: Orta, Giru and Zico.