How to choose the power of the air conditioner for the room? - Rotenso®

Where to start choosing the air conditioner model?
The first thing we should think about is the selection of the air conditioner power. It should be adapted to the volume of the room, its purpose, the number of people staying in it, insolation, as well as the presence of additional heat sources (e.g. electrical appliances). It is generally assumed that a 1 kW device corresponds to the cooling/heating of approximately 10 m² of room (in a standard height of approximately 2.4 m).

The most popular devices on sale are devices with a power close to 2.5 kW; 3.5 kW; 5 kW and 7 kW. For example, for a 35 m² room, a dedicated unit will be a 3.5 kW air conditioner.
When choosing an air conditioner, the size of the windows and their exposure (e.g. south, east, west) and the number of people in the room (offices, waiting rooms) should also be taken into account. Avoid using units with too low power in relation to the size of the room. Excessive savings and thus a shortage of power may result in the fact that in the hottest moments the air conditioner will not be able to lower the temperature in the apartment to a comfortable level. Let’s remember that the final choice of the device power always belongs to the installer . It will take into account all the parameters of the room and select the appropriate power of the air conditioner.

The Rotenso® range includes air conditioners with the following powers: