Filters - how do they differ? - Rotenso®

A wide range of air conditioner filters is available on the market. Read our short guide and you will learn what are the basic differences between the most commonly used types of filters and what to look for when buying.

Electrostatic filter HD iAIR is standard for all Rotenso®air conditioner models. It is the first barrier to dust, dirt and other pollutants. This filter can be removed and cleaned under running water with a mild detergent. After drying, it can be reinstalled in the air conditioner. It is worth doing at least once a month.

Active carbon filter iAIR is recommended for rooms exposed to odors (unpleasant smells of biological origin, cigarette smoke or kitchen smells). Allows you to remove about 90%  gaseous pollutants, such as ozone, hydrocarbons, sulfur and nitrogen compounds. The filter effectively catches dust particles and animal hair.
Active carbon filter iAIR is included as standard with the model Rotenso® Firo and Rotenso® Elis. For other models of air conditioners, the filter can be purchased from the Installer and easily installed in a Rotenso® air conditioner.

Antibacterial filter HEPA iAIR is widely appreciated by specialists and is also used in air purifiers.  It is famous for its high accuracy in absorbing dirt. It is made of sintered glass, which guarantees air filtration through pores of 0.3 μm at 99.95%. The filter eliminates the majority of mechanical impurities, including the most harmful PM 2.5 dust.  Its additional advantage is the use of enzymes that permanently remove remaining impurities from the air. The filter disinfects air from fungal, protozoal, bacterial and viral cells. The air coming out of the air conditioner is therefore extremely sterile.
The antibacterial filter HEPA iAIR is available as standard on the Rotenso Mirai and Rotenso Imoto models.
For other models of air conditioners, the filter can be purchased from the Installer and easily installed in a Rotenso air conditioner.

Super Ionizer iAIRis not a classic filter but an additional device installed in the air conditioner during production. The ionizer generates negative ions that surround and then neutralize viruses, bacteria, mites and allergens from the air. The final result is the transformation of harmful compounds into H2O particles, and the released air remains purified practically immediately after the ionizer comes into contact with polluted air. This has a positive effect on our well-being and health   – stimulates circulation and prevents chronic respiratory tract infections.
In the Rotenso range of air conditioners following models include the Super Ionizer: Kuka, Versu Mirror, Versu Silver and Versu Gold.