Air supply systems - Rotenso®

Rotenso® air conditioners are equipped with modern and, above all, useful airflow control systems and programs.

Air flow 4D eMOTO
Built-in servomotors allow automatic control of vertical and horizontal louvers by using the remote controller or wireless controller This makes it possible to direct the air stream in four directions. This guarantees the highest efficiency of cooling (heating) and ensures comfort of using the air conditioner.
4D eMOTO air supply is available for models: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver, Kuka, Imoto.

Wide angle of air flow eMOTO
The used louver construction enables a wide range of air flow to the room. Its efficient distribution ensures effective and comfortable cooling (heating).
The eMOTO airflow control system has them all wall-mounted air conditioners Rotenso® brands and a cassette air conditioner Rotenso® Tenji and a floor and ceiling air conditioner Rotenso® Jato.

Super silent mode eMOTO
The unique design of the fan and modern engine of the indoor unit enable comfortable, extremely quiet operation of the air conditioner.
Super silent mode eMOTOis available in split models: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Silver, Versu Gold, Firo, Kuka, Elis, Imoto, Ukura, Roni

Turbo mode eMOTO
A temporary increase in the compressor and fan capacity allows faster cooling or heating of the room. This allows you to save up to 20% of the time needed to reach the required temperature.
The turbo mode eMOTO is available in all Rotenso® air conditioners.

Airflow control system eMOTO
When it is turned on in heating mode, the air conditioner starts blowing warm air only after achieving optimal operating parameters. Thus, the air conditioner unit prevents cold air from blowing right after it is turned on. This increases the comfort of using the air conditioner.
The eMOTO airflow control system is available in all Rotenso® air conditioners.

Eco mode eMOTO
The special ecological operation mode means that the air conditioner uses up to 60% less electricity.
Eco mode eMOTO is available on the model Mirai .

Automatic louver
Possibility of automatic control of horizontal blind operation by means of a wireless or wired controller. All Rotenso® air conditioners have it (excluding the Nevo duct unit).

Louver position memory
The air conditioner remembers the last setting of the louvers so that when the unit is restarted their position is restored automatically.
Louver position memory is available on models: Mirai. Versu Mirror. Versu Gold. Versu Silver. Kuka. Imoto. Ukura and in commercial air conditioners: Tenji. Jato. Aneru.