Air conditioning - what to choose: split or multi split? - Rotenso®

Air conditioning installed in homes and apartments is becoming more and more popular. We often use it at work (e.g. in the office) and also at home, during the summer heat we would like to stay in a comfortably cooled room. Affordable prices of devices and effective design of indoor units contributed significantly to the popularization of air conditioners.
Beginning the search for an air conditioner, we come across terms splitormulti split. Read our short guide and you’ll find out what they mean.

Split room air conditioner

The most popular solution that we often see in apartments, houses or offices is a roomair-conditionera so-calledsplit . It consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit, which is usually installed on the building’s facade, roof, balcony or directly on the ground. The units are connected by an electric control system and copper pipes that allow refrigerant transport. Most often, this solution is used to cool one room.

Multi split solutions

In a situation where we want to effectively cool several rooms in an apartment or office, a rational choice is a solution is multisplit . It consists of at least two and maximum five indoor units cooperating with the outdoor unit. Of course, each of the indoor units can be controlled individually. Choosing a multi split solution is usually more profitable than buying several individual split sets.