Air conditioning control - Rotenso®

Read the article below to learn about the main climate control functions found on Rotenso® air conditioners.

SMART Eye sensor
Built-in intelligent motion sensor (SMART Eye) detects the presence of the user and adjusts the direction and air flow to the number of people staying in the room. The special design of the air outlet distributes warm air to the ground and every corner of the room, and cooled air to the ceiling. This guarantees the highest comfort.
With the Smart Eye sensor is the Rotenso® model Miraiequipped.

SMART Follow mode
Built-in wired and wireless controllers, an additional temperature sensor allows more precise control of the room temperature. The air conditioner reads the temperature from two sensors: in the indoor unit and the controller (e.g. remote controller). This improves the efficiency of temperature control and improves thermal comfort.

SMART Follow mode is available on all Rotenso® wall air conditioners.

Dusk sensor
Thanks to the dusk sensor, after 5 seconds from turning off the light, the sounds of the air conditioner will be smoothly extinguished and the air flow will be reduced to a minimum. Turning the light back on will return to the previous device settings.
With the dusk sensor are these models equipped: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver.

SMART LED temperature display
All necessary information is displayed in a clear and discreet way. As a result, the current status of the air conditioner is displayed, including the temperature set by the user.
Air conditioners have the function of completely blanking the display (e.g. at night). This ensures the highest comfort of use.
All Rotenso® wall air conditioners are equipped with a Smart LED temperature display.

The function offers the user the ability to program the unit’s on and off time, making it easier to use the air conditioner.
The timer is available on all Rotenso®wall air conditioners.

Silence mode
To ensure perfect comfort, it is possible to mute the visual messages and sound signals of the air conditioner.
The silent mode is equipped with split air conditioner models: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver, Kuka, Imoto, Ukura.

Sleep function
A special program of the device’s operation, in which the temperature and fan speed are automatically modified to ensure optimal conditions for night rest. Using this mode increases sleep comfort and impacts energy saving.
The sleep function is available on all Rotenso® wall air conditioners.

SMART heating function 8°C
To prevent excessive cooling of the room, the air conditioner turns on automatically in heating mode. Thanks to this, the air temperature is kept at 8°C. This is especially useful when we use the air conditioner to heat summer houses or utility rooms.

The following models are equipped with the function: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver, Kuka, Imoto, Ukura.

Wireless remote controller
Provides convenient operation of the air conditioner from anywhere in the room.

Wired controller SMART port
The intelligent connector offers the option of connecting a wired controller to the air conditioner.
The port has the following models: Mirai, Versu Mirror, Versu Gold, Versu Silver, Kuka, Imoto.