Air conditioner energy efficiency class - Rotenso®

An important parameter to look for when choosing an air conditioner is its energy class .  The vast majority of wall air conditioners available on the market have at least A +class, and the most effective units boast class A+++ . It is currently the highest energy class. It includes the most efficient and energy-saving, but there are also the most expensive units. It is worth knowing that an air conditioner in the A+ class consumes about 10% more electricity than in the A++class.

All wall units of Rotenso® air conditioners are energy efficient and have high cooling efficiency in the class A++ and the top model Miraihas class A+++.

Even more precise indicator of device performance that allows them to be compared in given energy classes are the following parameters:

  • SEER – seasonal cooling efficiency;
  • SCOP – seasonal heating efficiency.

They denote the ratio of the obtained cooling (or heating) power to the consumed electricity. The higher the numbers, the more efficient the air conditioner is.

All information on the energy class and basic parameters   of the air conditioner are located on the information label, commonly known from home appliances.

The label contains information about:

  • device model;
  • AG energy efficiency class;
  • annual energy consumption (at full load 500 h/year);
  • cooling capacity at full load in kW;
  • energy efficiency in full load cooling mode;
  • device type (cooling or cooling/heating only);
  • type of cooling (air or water cooled);
  • noise level (if applicable);
  • thermal power at full load in kW;
  • heating mode efficiency.